Buchanan Dam Information

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Lake Buchanan and Inks Lake
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Fishing is a major draw in the Lake Buchanan - Inks Lake areaThat's what we hear the most around here. You'll have to experience it for yourself, but we warn you, it's addictive. Each season is spectacular and as you walk through these pages we hope you get the feeling of springtime, summer, fall and winter as we know it here and appreciate every season for the beauty given to us all.

Buchanan and Inks lake are still relatively untouched by the hustle and bustle of society. The focus here is about the environment, nature and wildlife. You will not find commercialized high-rise buildings, condominiums, or overcrowded waterways. You will find small mom and pop, family-oriented businesses where you are greeted by the owner with a smile and a handshake that truly means welcome. You'll find our philosophy to be true... It's a big area, but a very small community.

We're about simple fun! Playing so hard during the day that you can't wait to fall asleep, but you still don't want to miss sitting around the campfire at night watching for shooting stars and telling tales. Shhh! Be quiet and you're likely to hear the hoot of the owls and calls from the wildlife around you. For those with more energy, our great restaurants and clubs will entertain you late into the night with live music, dancing or bragging rights for the pool table.

Leave the city and fast-pace behind you as you travel these hills known for their pristine beauty of granite, limestone, cactus and wildflowers and experience what has come to be known as one of the best kept secrets in the state of Texas. Oh, and don't forget your camera!

American Bald Eagles nest along the shoreline of Lake BuchananThe Chamber is sponsored by membership and generous donations from our community and guests. You'll find most of our members and businesses listed on the inside of this brochure, but if we can be of further assistance to you, please let us know. We look forward to your visit here and welcome you to stay a while.

Lake Buchanan

The oldest, largest, and northernmost of the Highland Lakes is known as Big Buc to the locals and fishermen who frequent its waters. The 31 mile length, 5.5 mile width, and 124 miles of shoreline, give Lake Buchanan plenty of room for all types of recreational activity.

Lake Buchanan is blessed with numerous cascading waterfalls. The American Bald Eagle winters along its shoreline. An award winning vineyard and winery is a special attraction to visitors. Cruises to the headwater of the lake yield a glimpse of the early Texas wilderness. A lakeside museum describes the history of the hill country and the impact of the dams on the people of Central Texas. For the real history buffs, a book named Canyon of the Eagles is a must-read for details about the colorful characters and history of the area.

Scenic drives are a great attraction to the area. The eastern shoreline is more hilly and rugged with granite cliffs, deep water and cactus. The west side has more beaches, ideal for swimming, wind surfing and picnics.

Scenic waterfalls along the eastern side of Lake BuchananMost lodges provide waterfront cabins with kitchens, boat launches, swimming areas and docks for fishing. Public and privately owned RVparks and tent camping areas are also plentiful.

If you need groceries, clothing or supplies, just ask for directions to a nearby merchant. Churches of many denominations welcome visitors. You'll also discover restaurants for every taste - barbecue to catfish, steaks to Mexican food.

Some facts about Lake Buchanan:
Length of dam - 10,988 ft. (2.08 miles)
Height of dam - 145.5 feet
Thickness of dam - 215.10 ft. (base), 34 ft (top)
Generating Capacity - 37,500 Kilowatts
Lake level (full) - 1,020 ft. above sea level
Reservoir Capacity - 992,475 acre-ft. of water
Lake size - 23,060 acres (36 square miles)

Inks Lake

The second reservoir built on the Colorado River was Inks Lake. The dam was completed in 1938, a year after Buchanan, and is an interesting contrast to the immense project just upstream.

Sunset in paradise - the Lake Buchanan - Inks Lake area of TexasInks Lake is at constant level all year and is 4.2 miles long with a maximum width of under .6 of a mile. Surrounded by quiet camp grounds, it is dotted with secluded fishing holes. Some of the largest striped bass in the region have been landed at the headwaters just below Buchanan Dam.

Scenic drives on either side of the lake will yield many opportunities to stop and explore nature's granite sculptures or take pictures of deer and other wildlife. The Inks Lake bridge on Highway 29 gives a breathtaking view of Inks and the spillway of Buchanan Dam.

Inks Lake State Park on the eastern shore is the second most popular state park in Texas. A waterfront golf course is open to the public.and a restaurant on the west side of the lake are also special attractions.

Some facts about Inks Lake:
Length of dam - 1,547.5 ft. (.3 miles)
Height of dam - 96.5 feet
Thickness of dam - 75.1 ft. (base), 6.5 ft (top)
Generating Capacity - 37,500 Kilowatts
Lake level (full) - 888 ft. above sea level
Reservoir Capacity - 992,475 acre-ft. of water
Lake size - 802 acres (1.25 square miles)